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PROGRAM / Anna Wańtuch: Mothersuckers // #industrastage

"Visible processes of work in the arts therefore become interesting when they disclose the hegemony of the difference between art and life and open up ways for representations and imagery of contemporary exploitation. In this, it is extremely important to make visible the
exploitation within one’s own methods of production – to work in a way that makes the production conditions visible."
Bojana Kunst: Artist at work. Proximity of art and capitalism
VSTUPENKY: 300/150 kč
REZERVACE: 777921019
INDUSTRA je finančně podporována Ministerstvem kultury ČR a Statutárním městem Brnem.
20.00 - 21.30
Anna Wańtuch: Mothersuckers // #industrastage

The performance is a continuation of personal research on motherhood, its physicality, movement / stillness and socio-political issues. The author blurs the boundaries of distinguishing between the process of production and reproduction using processed
fragments of reality. The leading theme around which the author re / produces meanings /contexts / stereotypes and expectations is breastfeeding.