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PROGRAM / Das Planetenparty Prinzip // DOOMSDAY (AT)

Doomsday is a concert-performance by the theatre company and performance collective Das Planetenparty Prinzip, based in Graz, Austria. The performance is about love, the end of the world, the preparation for it and the things that need to be said before the last day comes to an end.
The general setting of the performance is a rehearsal from, occupied by a band. The band, comprised of three members, tries to compose the last song - a symphony to accompany the end of the world. But how can you finish the last song, when every member of the band has a different understanding of finality?
All their efforts are for nothing: The three musicians are starting to distance themselves from each other, everyone tries to find their own way to the perfect composition. But can the final song be a solo? In the end, all that remains is the silence, a deafening tranquillity, shaking everyone to the core.
20.00 - 22.00
Das Planetenparty Prinzip // DOOMSDAY (AT)
“The result is a performance between anger and cluelessness. In its punk-attitude the performance is asking interesting questions about crises of the present and how art is playing a part in dealing with these challenges.” (Kronenzeitung, 22.9.2021)