PROGRAM / Ryuzo Fukuhara / Into the Layers / ZMĚNA TERMÍNU!!

18.00 - 19.00
Ryuzo Fukuhara / Into the Layers / ZMĚNA TERMÍNU!!

A performer is surrounded by layers which are made up of diverse elements such as air, sound, light, temperature, smell and view of spectator, etc... Every location has specific layers, which consists different ingredients as well. These elements make flow by constant changing of the situation. The flow of layers invite the performer and he begins a conversation with it by his body and mind. He tries to search in pursuit of the relationship between scenery and body, performer and audience. He also has different layers within his body. The inside and outside layers correspond each other. He makes movements by the response of all his senses and all the layers. He tries to visualize and project the layers around his body. This is the concept of my performance “Into the Layers“.

Délka představení 49 min.
Vstupné: 150 Kč / zdarma pro účastníky workshopu Ryuzo Fukuhara / Silent Dialogue / Taneční Workshop (BUTOH)